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Better behavioral health

Educating on current services, gathering local needs

Better behavioral health

Novant Health UVA Health System Behavioral Health Services Senior Director Dr. Karyn O’Brien has been busy – and that schedule won’t be letting up any time soon.

“I’ve been asked to look at the behavioral health needs of Culpeper and engage in what I’d call phase one of a plan to make sure everyone is aware of the services we currently have while also doing an assessment of what the local needs are,” O’Brien said. 

Behavioral health services currently available under the Novant Health UVA Health System umbrella are expansive and growing. They include the following:

Behavioral health inpatient services

Located at Novant Health UVA Health System Prince William Medical Center, this 32-bed unit for adults 18 and older is the only inpatient psychiatric unit in Prince William County. A multidisciplinary care team of six psychiatrists, internal medicine physicians, nurses, psychiatric techs and clinical therapists serves the team.

This service supports patients with severe and acute psychiatric emergencies, including alcohol detox. Intense therapy treatment and individual, family and group therapy sessions are also offered daily. The service also provides a 24-7 consult liaison to patients on the NH UVA Prince William Medical Center acute care floor and, virtually through tele-psychiatry, at Novant Health UVA Health System Haymarket Medical Center.

Behavioral health access team

This highly specialized team (licensed certified social workers, licensed professional counselors and a clinical psychologist) offers 24-7 psychiatric emergency triage and evaluation from the Prince William Medical Center emergency room with tele-assessment to NH UVA Haymarket Medical Center for evaluation and consult. 

“If an emergency department provider has a patient that requires a consult, they’re your first line of support,” O’Brien said.

Intensive outpatient program

This approximately four-month substance abuse and recovery program is for patients who don’t require detox and can stay in their home environment while still receiving treatment. O’Brien admitted the program is “robust,” including both day and evening programs, consults on acute care floors, individual and family sessions, monthly celebrations for graduates, and ongoing partnerships with local AA/NA, support groups and referring facilities.

Two psychiatric offices

This is the main hub of care with three adult psychiatrists, two child and adolescent psychiatrists, two clinical psychologists and one therapist specializing in substance abuse and adolescents. Located on the NH UVA Prince William Medical Center campus, the office also offers nursing support, medication management, cognitive testing and therapy.

This office opened in May 2016 with one adult psychiatrist and one child and adolescent psychiatrist. Located on the NH UVA Haymarket Medical Center campus, the location is actively recruiting additional providers.

Transitional recovery services

This is NOT a behavioral health service but a shared partnership service with the internal medicine specialistsat NH UVA Haymarket Medical Center that offers alcohol medical detox for patients without active mental health disorders. “What’s special is we’ve partnered with acute care medicine physicians and we have the additional support of clinical therapists providing care coordination along with bedside clinical support, family meetings to ensure the family understands the disease of addiction and helping the patient get navigated to the right degree of care,” O’Brien said.

Assessing Culpeper’s needs

As for the needs at Culpeper, O’Brien admitted she’s still gathering information. “I know there are a lot of needs,” she said. 

“My first priority is to use the next 90 to 120 days to get out to everyone and make sure they’re aware of what we have while assessing the needs and what the next steps are. … I definitely have some ideas, but I’m also evaluating what other people have in the works to figure out how we can partner to best help the behavioral health population.”

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